M3 Grand Prix 2024


The M3 Grand Prix (“M3 GP”) is intended to encourage participation in swim, bike and run events.
Selected events are mainly local, to facilitate participation, and the last event will be in October to allow for prize-giving at the President’s Dinner, which is usually in November. 

Rules and guidance:

  • You must be a member of the M3 Club to receive points in an event and no back-dating will be allowed.
  • There will be three categories for both Open & Female based on general ability (see guidance below to determine which Competitor Category you should enter).
  • Points will be awarded to all participants of each event in each category as follows:
    • The first place finisher will be awarded points equal to the number of M3 GP participants in that category, and each subsequent position after that will be awarded one point less, with the final place being awarded 1 point.
    • The points do not depend on the number of M3 GP entrants in the event, only on the number of M3 GP participants in your category so if there are six in your category and you are the only one to finish an event you will still be awarded 6 points etc
      Confused? Don’t be! Here are some examples:

6 participants in the category, all competing in the event:
1st place = 6 pts; 2nd = 5 pts; 3rd = 4 pts, 4th = 3 pts, 5th = 2 pts, 6th = 1 pt.

6 participants in the category, but only three competing in the event:
1st place = 6 pts; 2nd = 5 pts; 3rd = 4 pts.

  • There will be approximately 16 events in the season and your six best scores will be combined to make your total.
  • Competitors must take part in at least one triathlon (there are four to choose from).
  • A bonus point will be awarded for each extra event entered after six events
    7 events entered = 1 extra point awarded; 8 events entered = 2 extra points awarded etc
  • Bonus points will also be awarded to anyone who marshals at the M3 Sprint Triathlon event
    All day marshalling= 4 pts all day, part day = 2 pts.
  • 2 Bonus points will be awarded to anyone who marshals at the M3 Spring Duathlon (and does not complete). (Rule added 15/04/2024)
  • In the event of a tie, the person with the most wins (etc) in their six best counting events will be declared the winner.


Youths must be 16 or older in 2024 to take part in GP events and have parental consent.
An assessment by M3 coaches may be deemed appropriate.

Unforeseen circumstances

Due to circumstances outside the control of the club, the number/schedule of events may change.
If this happens then it will be communicated to competitors as and when appropriate.

Competitor Category 

The following information is a guide only and participants can discuss with the organiser as to which category is the best fit for them, remembering that in the spirit of ‘Fairness & Fun’ they may be asked to move up or down based on current/past performance. No sandbaggers please 😉! Please use the Sprint Tri Time as your main guide if possible, as your times for swim, run and bike separately may give different categories.

CategorySprint Tri TimeSwim Time
Bike Time
21 km
Run Time
5 km
Falcons>  1 hr 45 mins> 9 mins> 65 mins> 30 mins 
Eagles1 hr 25m – 1 hr 45mins7 – 9 mins50 – 65 mins25 – 30 mins
Ospreys< 1hr 25mins< 7 mins< 50 mins< 25 mins

Novice vs Sprint

Competitors in the Falcons category may enter Novice or Sprint categories of triathlons or duathlons, and the GP organiser will apply a factor to determine the finishing positions across both categories (i.e. increase the Novice time by a percentage, to attempt to reflect the extra effort required to complete the Sprint). 


Enter the M3 GP 2024 on Spond using this link: https://club.spond.com/landing/courses/mtriathlon/E4D09B6F9C4C45B5A2827BD730BEE09C

including Links to Info or Entry where known
(tbc = to be confirmed)
(bold is confirmed date)
No of events 
RunTimed 5 km
Monday night
M3 Run session
Esplanade Broughty FerryMon 12 February1
SwimTimed Swim 200/400m CSS
M3 swim session
Gardyne PoolThu 29 February1
TriathlonNovice/Sprint TriLink to Entry:
St Andrews Spring Triathlon
Entries open
Sun 10 March1
RunTimed 5 km Parkrun
Best of any date in March to count. 
Link to Info:
Forfar Loch parkrun
02, 09, 16, 23 or 30 Mar Please advise the organiser of your best time at Forfar in March!1
DuathlonSprint (Draft legal)
European Qualifier 2025!
Link to Entry:
East Fortune Duathlon
Entries open
Sun 24 March1
TriathlonNovice/Sprint TriLink to Entry:
East Fife Triathlon
Entries open
Sun 14 April1
BikeTimed 1000/2000m inc TransitionLochgelly ParkSat 4 May1
Duathlon HandicapSpring M3 DuathlonMonikieFri 10 May1
BikeTime TrialEthiebeaton Time TrialsWed 22 May1
TriathlonNovice/Sprint TriMontrose
Link to info:
Montrose Triathlon
Entries open
Sun 02 June1
TriathlonNovice/Sprint TriForfar
Link to info:
Forfar Triathlon
Entries open
Sun 21 July1
Duathlon HandicapAutumn M3 DuathlonMonikieSep –  tbc
RunTimed 5 km  Parkrun.
Best of any date in September to count 
West Links/Arbroath
Link to info:
West Links parkrun
07, 14, 21 or 28 Sep
Please advise the organiser of your best time at West Links/Arbroath in September!
DuathlonSprintSt AndrewsSep  – tbc1
BikeM3 Timed eventRPC – outdoor velodromeOct  – tbc1
SwimTimed Swim 200/400m CSSPart of swim session Gardyne Oct  – tbc1


The events and dates are listed here in approximate chronological order, but many dates are yet to be confirmed! There are links to enable you to enter, where known, and they will also be posted on Spond.